Find Your Happy Place – Megan Anderson

The following is a guest post from Awesome Ladies Creative Team member Megan. Megan is one of my favorite lady people on the planet, and I’m so excited that I can share her amazing voice with you today, on my birthday. In this post she’s sharing two pages using the Basic Grey Second City collection from the shop

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Find Your Happy Place | Awesome Ladies January - Currently September by Megan Anderson Sneak

It’s not easy for some awesome ladies to document themselves, and it’s even harder when life gets tough. Documenting your life can help you purge your feelings through tough times and also can help you to celebrate your awesomeness during the good times. Instead of focusing on what you feel in the moment, you can also use memory keeping to help you find your happy place when you are feeling down.

This past Autumn was very difficult for me. Here are two examples of how memory keeping helped me through a hard time in addition to pages I made to help myself through grief:

Find Your Happy Place | Awesome Ladies January - Methods of Self Care by Megan Anderson

The first way I helped myself to feel better was to document my methods of self care. This was a way to help me document how I was dealing when I wasn’t quite ready to face my feelings head-on. Documenting these methods of self-care also reminded me of my awesome support system and the beautiful, shining moments nestled in with the overwhelmingly sad ones.

Find Your Happy Place | Awesome Ladies January - Currently September by Megan Anderson

For my second cheer-me-up spread, I went back a little bit in time to document the things that make me most happy–books. When your world is upside down, even the happy memories are still connected with your problems.

When I wanted to make things but couldn’t bring myself to work on my spreads for October and November, I went back just a bit to the reads photos I’d taken in September and the lone Currently card I’d filled out for the month (I usually try to fill out one a week). Documenting the books I read each month makes me happy, and making this was a welcome happy place distraction for a time.

Try documenting what you are most passionate about the next time you are feeling down.

What can you document to find your happy place? I’d love to see what you make!




Megan is a crafty nerd who loves documenting life at The Nerd Nest. When she’s not on nerdy adventures, she spends her time filling up pocket scrapbooking albums, reading big stacks of books, and making stuff. She loves documenting her everyday life and sharing daily memory keeping tips on Instagram, creative writing, coffee, sociology, and learning as much as her brain will hold. She believes in the power of stories and wants to inspire you to tell yours. Join her in Pocket Your Year, a year long pocket scrapbooking e-course!