Scrapbooking is My Self-Love Language

Making things. Making things is how I display my affection for other people. Making things is how I show people I care about that they are important to me.  That the relationship we share gives me all the warm feels. My display of affection comes out especially in the world of food. I love cooking for other people.  I absolutely love dinner parties. I love cooking for holidays. I love making special food for people when they’re sad, or hurt, or down. I feel remarkably fortunate to have discovered the way that I choose to best express my love for others. Making things is my love language.

That made me start thinking — what about me? What is my self-love language? I know that cooking is not my self-love language. Part of the pleasure I derive from making food is the communal aspect. Sharing and talking and experiencing a meal at this time, in this place, together. I don’t make special foods all for myself – it really isn’t that fun for me. So I started to wonder about how I was communicating my own self-love to me, and then it kinda just clicked in my head — scrapbooking is my self-love language.

I write letters to myself while scrapbooking.


I engage in meaningful dialog about photos of myself while scrapbooking.


I take the time to document the meaningful parts of my life, so that I can reflect back on them, while scrapbooking.


I make myself feel more worthy, beautiful, and interesting by scrapbooking.


I gain self-confidence by scrapbooking.


I tell the world my story by scrapbooking.


I take photographs of myself and have learned to love pictures of me because of scrapbooking.


I have made amazing friendships, founded incredible communities, inspired thousands of ladies, and strive to inspire millions because of scrapbooking.


I am rukristin: feminist scrapbooker because of scrapbooking, and its the best way I know how to communicate my self-love.


Scrapbooking is my self-love language.

rukristin: feminist scrapbooker. Scrapbooking is My Self-Love Language

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