Challenge Your Self(ie) Every Week with Thursday3

rukristin Thursday3 Selfie Challenge

Let’s talk about selfies. 

First off, Fuck the haters — people have been taking photos, painting pictures, and indulging in other forms of introspective art since we’ve been making art.

You are beautiful, you are amazing, and you deserve to have photos of you.

That being said, it can be a little bit awkward to decide that this is the exact right moment for a selfie and whip your camera out and start snapping away — at least that’s how I feel.

Some selfie moments are totally natural — top of the Empire State Building, amazing sunset on the Pacific Coast Highway, right after a new cut & color — but finding a way to integrate self-photography into your everyday life is a little bit more of a challenge.

Enter Thursday3 — weekly selfie photo challenge.

I came up with Thursday3 for purely selfish reasons, when I noticed a severe shortage of everyday me photos.

I had plenty of adventure photos, vacation photos, holiday photos — but I didn’t have photos of me and my everyday life. I got tired of printing out photos for Project LifeTM and scrapbook layouts and not having any cool photos of myself to go with all the cool everyday stories I was documenting.

Is it important to you? Make it a priority.

I knew I wanted more photos of myself. It was important that going forward — there were more me photos in my scrapbooks and Project LifeTM albums. Taking selfies needed to become a priority for me, and the easiest way for me to prioritize things (especially new things) is by adding it to my schedule and making it a part of my routine.

I didn’t need to take a photo every single day. I wasn’t looking for an insane quantity of photos, but I did want a bunch of quality photos of myself. Taking a better-than-average photo of myself once a week seemed like a very do-able goal. In addition, because these photos are going to be using these photos to document my everyday life, I added three right-now facts to accompany my picture.

I do best when I have friends to keep me accountable. I can sometimes fall into a little bit of a rut where I think that my life feels awkward and isn’t worth documenting. The thing that helps me get out of that rut is reminding myself that if one of my friends were feeling that way, I would tell them: this is your life, every bit of it is worth documenting, even the parts that might feel awkward in the moment. That’s why I post my Thursday3 selfie photo to Instagram and tag three friends — telling them that I want to see their faces and know their stories too.

One photo a week. Every Thursday. Posted to Instagram for public accountability. 

How to Play Along: 

Each Thursday on Instagram, share your weekly selfie photograph with our great community.

  1. Snap a photo of yourself.
  2. Add three right-now facts.
  3. Tag 3 friends to play along.

Use the hashtag #Thursday3 to add your photo to the group and Tag me @rukristin if you play along, I’d love to see your cute face.