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workspace wednesday rukristin. organizing tools.

I’m always telling myself that I’m going to do these huge organizational blog posts, but it just never happens. My entire studio has yet to entirely organized at once. My organizational plan is more of the evolving kind anyway. So my new plan is to share small bits of organization each week.

workspace wednesday rukristin. organizing tools.

I do ninty percent of my work at the standing desk in my studio. It sits up against an eastern facing window and gets the most magnificent sun. I keep my most used stuff right on top of the desk. I like having easy access to the stuff I’m reaching for most often.

I keep my favorite tools in this aqua ‘Things’ bin I picked up at Land of Nod last summer. It’s sturdy and the perfect height to stand things up. The bin is divided into four equal square compartments.

workspace wednesday rukristin. organizing tools.

In the first compartment, I keep all my scissors. I store all my scissors, small and large, tip side down. All my scissors fit in the small space — it’s amazing how many pairs I can get in there. Having a single place for all my scissors makes cleaning up that much easier.

In the second compartment I keep two hole punches (standard size and 1/8ths inch) and my tiny attacher stapler. I do have other hole punches and staplers, but I don’t use them all that often, so I don’t feel the need to keep them on top of my desk.

workspace wednesday rukristin. organizing tools.

In the third compartment I keep my most used adhesives. My regular tape runner, xtreme tape runner, gel liquid glue and glue stick all fit in there snugly. I keep all the rest of my adhesive (refills and specialty adhesives) in a storage drawer, making sure to keep it cool and dry.

In the last compartment, I’ve been keeping all stick-related things. There are some paintbrushes, pens, watercolor brushes, markers, and anything else that shape that deserves to stay out on top of the desk.

I’m a sucker for any pretty container — and while I sometimes feel a twinge of guilt when I pick a new one up — they’re my absolute most used organizational tool and I would be a disaster without them. I’m looking forward to finding a couple new pieces this summer while antiquing or yard saleing.

What are your favorite organizational containers? 

rukristin workspace wednesday

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