Thursday3 | Vanessa: Archaeologist by day, art journaler by night.


Thursday3 is a weekly selfie photo challenge, where awesome ladies like you and I share our weekly selfie photograph with the #Thursday3 instagram community. Today’s Thursday3 Interview is with VANESSA. Vanessa is archaeologist by day and an amazingly creative art journaler by night. You can find her on her blog, in her shop, and on her instagram account

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Vanessa Thursday3 Interview

Vanessa’s 3 Right-Now Facts

  1. This is my gallery wall. It is in my favorite room of the house: my creative space!
  2.  I’m so over the cold weather. I don’t mind snow but hate it when my face freezes off in two minutes
  3. That said, I’m off to have a Mr Freeze which I may or may not have stolen from the kids.

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Hi Vanessa! Thanks so much for joining us for this week’s Thursday3.

Tell us a little bit about who you are:

I’m an archaeologist by day and an art journaler by night. I just turned 40 and am in a year-long commitment to documenting this important milestone. We are a travelling family. My husband, two kids and I have just returned from four years living in Hong Kong. We are in Canada for two years before we go off on posting to Beijing, China.

What makes you an Awesome Lady?

My secret weapon is creativity. I love to art journal, it helps me make sense of my life and the world around me. I’m all about empowering yourself through whichever method appeals to you, whether it’s singing, scrapbooking or exercise. Lately I’ve been thinking about ways to help my kids document their own super powers in their own words. I think this is an investment in their self-confidence. I’m on two Creative Teams because I love to share and exchange ideas with other creative, strong women.

Thank you so much for sharing your right now story with us, where we can find you?

I blog about my creative endeavours on my blog here I’m commited to making my blog an interesting place to visit! I’m also all over Instagram at the handle @dansmoncrane. I love to share bits of my everyday life on IG. I sell handmade journals and notebokks in my Etsy shop here : I’m also on Pinterest


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Thursday3 is a weekly selfie photo challenge.

HOW TO PLAY ALONG: Each Thursday share your weekly selfie photograph with the #Thursday3 instagram community.

  1. Snap a photo of yourself.
  2. Add three right-now facts.
  3. Tag 3 friends to play along.

Use the hashtag #Thursday3 to add your photo to the group and tag me @rukristin if you play along, I’d love to see your cute face.