How I Use my Thursday3 Photos

Thursday3 is my weekly selfie photo challenge. Each week I snap a photo of myself, journal down three right-now facts, and share it on instagram for some added public accountability.

The original reason I started taking Thursday3 photos was because I just didn’t have enough photos of myself to scrapbook all the stories I wanted to tell. Even now after it’s evolved into this awesome community of supportive women, I’m still in it for the pics. I use them in Project Life, mini-albums, traditional scrapbook pages and more.

Today I’m sharing a few of my most recent projects with my #Thursday photos.

rukristin Thursday3 weekly selfie photo challenge

1) I used a ton of selfies in my MyDetails mini-album. After deciding to go the 4×4 instagram album route, I printed out about twenty of my favorite #Thursday3 selfies. I then pulled and used the ones that matched up with the workshop prompts. Over the past few months I’ve been working on intergrating more white space into my selfies so that I’d have more room to journal directly on my photos. This album probably showcases this technique best — and I’m loving everything about it.

rukristin Thursday3 weekly selfie photo challenge

2.) In this project: I’m currently keeping a weekly Project Life album. It is so helpful to know that I’ll have at least one photo of myself each week to put into my spread. This is especially helpful on weeks where nothing is going on, sick weeks, cold Michigan winter weeks, etc. The journaling aspect of the challenge is perfect for jump-starting stories to highlight as well.

rukristin Thursday3 weekly selfie photo challenge

3.) In this project: Mini-Albums. I love having lots of photos of myself to use in mini-albums. It means that I have a stockpile of photos to use when I want to say, make a Ten Favorite Things mini-album or a All About Me album. I think of it as having my own little supply of personal stock photography.

rukristin Thursday3 weekly selfie photo challenge

I’m really grateful for this project. I like that it pushes me to do something that I might not want to do in the moment, but really does pay dividends later on. I hope you’ll join us and share your photo each week as well!

How are you using your #Thursday3 photos in your documenting projects?

Have you shared your Thursday3 yet today? Tag me on instagram and let us know what’s going on in your life today.