Workspace Wednesday | Desk Shot + Routine Documenting


For the past year and a half, one of my best documenting projects has been my #kdeskshot hashtag photo project on Instagram. I’ve been documenting my workspace on a (mostly) daily basis with a simple overhead shot of my desk and whatever I’m working on at the moment.

rukristin kdeskshot documenting project

Why desk shot?

I’m really into overhead photography right now. I really like pretty paper and craft supplies. I love the natural light that comes through my window. I spend a lot of my time at my desk working with these supplies. They eventually become awesome scrapbook pages, or other creative projects, but rarely do I ever get to document the process. I spend so much time working on the process of creating these projects that it’s a part of my life that deserves to be documented.

What’s the same every day?

Each day (or close enough) I take an overhead shot of my desk. Back when I started this project last year, I was still living in New Jersey and my desk was a coffee table in our living room. Now I’m fortunate¬†enough to have an amazing standing desk in front of a big window with lots of natural light. I’ve taken the last nine months to really hone my photography skills a little bit each day with this exercise.

What’s different every day?

Everyday I have different stuff on my desk. Because it’s the most well lit place in my studio, it’s where I take all my packages and letters to be opened. I’ll usually snap a desk shot if I get a package of new goodies or if I’m in the middle of a cool project. It’s a pretty meta project — I am after all documenting myself documenting myself — I’m aware. But that’s my style, and I’m feeling like its time to embrace that side of me a bit more.

How does it tell a story?

Because the framing is the same each day, the subtle differences in each picture provide little details about what’s going on in my life right now. There might be a new Studio Calico box, a letter from a friend, or a mini-album in progress. There might be ticket stubs or other recent memorabilia. There might be any number of weird things that have made their way onto my desk.

How can I follow along?

I share my deskshot photos on instagram under the hashtag #kdeskshot. I hope you’ll follow along as I share my workspace & the little details of my everyday life.