Find Your Voice: My Passion Project

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My Passion Project. 

Yesterday I introduced my latest project, Find Your Voice 2015, a free six-week storytelling workshop. Today I’m talking about what makes Find Your Voice my passion project and why I want to share it with the world.

I’m a shy person and a classic introvert — I’ll find myself exhausted after spending too much time around other people, even if I’m just sitting quietly in the corner. Even though I’m shy and introverted, I’m happiest when I’m telling stories. Sometimes I’m telling stories to my scrapbook albums, sometimes I’m telling stories to my instagram followers or blog readers, and sometimes I’m just sitting in my living room telling a few close friends about something epic that happened just a few nights earlier. Stories are my happy place.

Find Your Voice is about learning to telling your story.

Find Your Voice is about each one of us making an effort to tell the stories of our lives.

Find Your Voice is about choosing to become the best self-storyteller. 

I love telling my stories — and I love teaching other people, especially women, how to love their own stories as well. I love guiding people on their own journey, creating an open space for dialog and allowing conversations to occur organically. I like asking why and why not. I like that there are no right or wrong answers and the longer we talk the more we understand about ourselves and each other.

I really hope you’ll join me this summer. Workshop Starts July 1st & Registration (free) opens June 15th.

Course Aims

Throughout the course of the Find Your Voice workshop, we’ll be working on: 

  • Figuring out who you are as a storyteller
  • Determining the types of stories you want to tell
  • Figure out what you want these stories to look and feel like
  • Establishing who your story audience is, and learning to tailor your stories for them (or you)
  • Embracing your role as storyteller, both for your own stories, and as stewards of other people’s stories
  • Creating a plan of action and building your storytelling arsenal with tips and techniques to bring out your unique voice



Here’s a look at each of the lessons in the Find Your Voice Workshop:

  1. What is Storytelling?
  2. Telling Your Stories
  3. Who Are You: The Storyteller
  4. What Do You Have to Say?
  5. Expressing Your Voice
  6. Building Your Story


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If you have any questions, please send me an email and I’ll get an FAQs post going. If you’re a cool media type and you want to write about FYV, send me an email and I’ll send you the Press Kit as soon as its available.