Week in the Life Prep and 2015 Philosophy


Summer is starting to wind its way down and I find myself being pulled towards routine once again. For that reason, and (obviously) several more, I’m super pumped that Week in the Life is taking place next week. I’ll be playing along with Ali Edwards’ truly inspiring annual challenge once again. I think this will be a great way to transition from the chaos of summer back into the routine of fall. 

What is Week in the Life? 

Week in the Life is an annual personal documentation project. Ali Edwards describes this project as “A seven-day documentary project, Week In The Life™ began in 2005 as an annual opportunity to capture the simple everyday details of life with photos and words”. 

I’ve participated in this project for the past few years, you can see my previous posts on Week in the Life 2013, and 2014 here. 

I’m in love with this project because a week is such standard time period. Yet my weeks never really look the exactly the same. I love that this project gives me the space to document my day-to-day life without forcing me to keep track of every single detail from each day, while still letting me look a little bit closer at the everyday stories that I might skip over in my Project Life or traditional everyday scrapbooking. 

It gives me the space to get deeper into the everyday stuff without it seeming disproportionate to the rest of the stuff I’m documenting. 


My 2015 Week in the Life Album Set Up and Philosophy.

This year (like last year) I ordered the official Week in the Life kit from Ali Edwards. I chose the black/white words album and I started putting together the shell of the album to prepare for next week. 


As far as next week goes, I’ll be making documentation a priority. I’ll be taking more photographs, I’ll be sharing more on instagram, and I’ll be sharing my stories here on the blog — the goal is to share everyday, but the priority is to get the stories down, not necessarily to get them up onto the blog. 

I’m not super concerned about putting together my album next week. My plan is to spend next week getting the stories down and then the following week putting the album together. 

Notes about how I’m tackling this project: 

  • I’m starting my week on Monday. I start my weeks on Monday in my Project Life album, in my planner, and in my genral life outlook, so there’s no reason to change it up. 
  • I’m going to be overloading on instagram. I know that the public accountability will help keep me on track.
  • I’ll be keeping track of longer stories using post-its and my Get to Workbook planner. I  carry my planner with me all the time, so it’s the natural place for me to jot down my  notes. 
  • In addition to the Week in the Life kit, I’ll be supplementing with a few of my BASICS clear stamp sets: days, relationship, alpha and numbers. 


Follow along with my Week in the Life progress throughout the week on Instagram and here on the blog. 

Are you participating in the Week in the Life challenge? What does your plan look like?