FAQ: How Do You Stay Motivated for December Daily?

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Since starting to post many of my projects on instagram, I’ve also started getting used to answering a lot of project related questions over there. There are so many awesome conversations happening over there that I’ll be highlighting some of the best and most frequently asked questions here on the blog.

rukristin FAQs. How Do You Stay Motivated for December Daily

Question: How do you stay motivated for December Daily?


Answer: My December Daily Project is my absolute favorite album of the year. One of the biggest ways I stay motivated is by not worrying about finishing the album in December. I’ll get about 70% done and then put off finishing it till the late summer. I treat my December Daily album as a present to myself. I use my best supplies. I use all the things I’ve been hoarding up for the year — this is like my pinnacle project — nothing is too good for this book.

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