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Awesome Ladies Project Challenge 1.1 | Storytelling: Entertainment Routine

What place does entertainment play in your life?

This week’s challenge is to document the role that entertainment plays in your life.

What forms does your favorite entertainment take? How often do you fit entertainment into your routine?

Are you a TV person? Are you a novel person? Are you a YouTube person?

Are you a team sports person? Are you a concerts or live shows person?

What do your choices in entertainment say about your life right now?

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My Challenge Project

For this challenge, I wanted to literally document my Fall television routine. On the left page of this spread I stamped the days of the week along the left side of a 4×6 lined journaling card and journaled in each of the shows I (or we) have on each night of the week. 

On the right page of this spread, I created a full page design with an oversized stamp, chipboard letter stickers, and these fabulous felt leaves from the October Freckled Fawn embellishment kit. 

Want to play along? Here’s the deal: 

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Amanda Case


My favorite form of entertainment is television. I made a mini book to send my penpal and included a list of shows I’m currently hooked on. It’s always a fun topic to discuss in letters!



ALP Scrapbook Challenge 1.1

ALP Scrapbook Challenge 1.1

Angi Barrs

Angi Barrs - Entertainment Prompt Photo 2 copy

Weekend night movie nights are my go-to for entertainment. Just give me a good film, a bucket of popcorn, and a box of candy and I’m a happy girl!

Bonita Rose


My entertainment. I love comedies and a few dramas on TV. My entertainment mostly consists of reading..making things..snapping photos with my camera or my phone..inspiring others..and just soaking up nature and beautiful scenery. I’m an introvert so I hate big crowds. Peace and quiet is more my speed.

Cari Orellana



I’m making a mini book that will include all the challenges.



For this challenge I wanted to focus on my two current entertainment obsessions. I kept the layout simple with a strip of patterned paper, big letter stickers, and neon washi tape (used in a strip and punched into stars) on a white background so I could journal directly on the page.

Heather Marie


As soon as I got the prompt I knew what pictures I wanted to use and which paper.  I’ve always been a reader and I loved the representation of the world on it because books can take you anywhere.  The 12 by 12 is from a studio calico kit.

Jen Campbell

ALP Scrapbook Challenge 1.1



Our entertainment is almost completely digital these days, and I wanted to document the bright colours of all the Apps, shows and games that fill our days. A transparent overlay helped unify them and provide a layer to ground my title.    In order to have room for pictures of us enjoying technology and some Journalling I used a 8×8 pocket page as a companion – it’s one of my favourite techniques for giving myself more space.

Patricia Nordeen


ALP Scrapbook Challenge 1.1 (1)

ALP Scrapbook Challenge 1.1


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