FAQ: How Do You Print 2×2″ Square Photos?

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Question: How do you print 2×2″ photos?

I use the PicFrame app and my Canon Selphy to print my 2×2″ photos at home. Here’s a quick step-by-step tutorial on which buttons to press to get 6 2×2″ photos on a 4×6 print.  I use an iPhone6+ on iOS9 — so your set up might be slightly different.

Step One: Open the PicFrame app.

Step Two: Select the 3:2 aspect ratio in the upper right hand corner

Step Three: Scroll over twice and choose the frame with six equal boxes. Don’t worry about the fact that they’re not square in the image, they’ll change to the correct aspect ratio on the next page.

Step Four: Add the photos you want by tapping on any of the squares. You can rearrange them later on if you want specific pictures in specific spots.

Step Five: When you’re happy with the way that photos look, click on the share button in the bottom right corner.

Step Six: Save the photo to your camera roll by clicking the save button.

Now it’s saved just like any other photo on your phone. If you print at home (like me on my Selphy) you can go ahead and print it out. Or if you send your photos out to be printed, treat this just as you would any other 4×6 print.

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