Shayne and the Pint-Sized Disney World Travelers Notebook

Disney World Travel Notebook by Shayne for #rukristin

The following is a guest post from rukristin Creative Team member Shayne. Today Shayne is sharing an awesome petite notebook she crafted to take along on her recent trip to Walt Disney World.


Hey gals (and guys!), guess what? It is totally possible that as you are reading this article, I am in Disney World!! We planned the trip in March, and have been looking forward it ever since. I am by no means a patient person, so to say I’ve been excited is probably an understatement.

Anyway, when we took our trip to London this past May, I brought along a passport-sized notebook to document the little things: to whom to send postcards, what souvenirs to get, where we ate for each meal, etc. Nothing fancy, just something so I wouldn’t forget the small things that really make up a big trip!


Pint Sized Disney Adventure Notebook


It worked so well for me that I decided to do the same thing for Disney World (albeit with a few adjustments. Disney World and London just aren’t the same, LOL). I used the rukristin Alpha stamps  and the 30 Days of Lists stamp set on the cover. The sizes were absolutely perfect for a cutesy little project like this one.


Disney World Travel Notebook by Shayne for #rukristin

Inside Pages

I have small paper pockets on the inside of each cover, to keep any small ephemera that may come up: business cards, cute receipts, etc. This came in really handy in London, where we ate out every night. The pages for the actual notes are pretty simple: Lists and more lists! I always start with a calendar-type spread for notes on what we do/see each day.

Disney World Travel Notebook by Shayne for #rukristin

Then I have the spread that will record what/where we eat each day. I am definitely not a “foodie,” but the Disney parks are known for their adorable and delicious food, so I think it’s definitely worth documenting.

Disney World Travel Notebook by Shayne for #rukristin

And my final pages include lists of particular souvenirs I want to get, characters I want to meet, and pictures I want to be sure to snap. And of course, the “Misc. Notes” page, because you never know what kind of unexpected memory you might stumble upon in Disney World!

Disney World Travel Notebook by Shayne for #rukristin

I highly suggest doing something similar for any trip you take; I don’t think pictures are always “enough.” There are plenty of traveler’s notebooks out there, in a variety of sizes, but the rukristin shop has a three-pack of cute tiny notebooks that would be perfect for a week-long trip!

Shayne can be found on Instagram @shaynebundy, or at, where she posts photos of her crafts, her adventures in NYC…and also her adorable dog, Cheeto!