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Question: What is that big pink adhesive roller? How do you use it?

rukristin Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: The big pink adhesive roller is a Scotch Advanced Tape Gun (ATG). It was originally designed for professional framers, but has since become a staple in the paper-crafting adhesive market. They’re available at big-box stores and on Amazon.com; the refills as well. It looks a lot more complicated than it is. Once you use it a couple of times (refilling it is the hardest part, but there are YouTube videos to help) it’ll be just like every other tool you own.


  • Long-lasting: The tape rolls are about three times as long as tape runner refills, so you’re refilling it less often.
  • Economical: The price per foot is much cheaper than traditional tape runners.
  • Strong: The adhesive is super strong and is great for heavy-duty tasks.
  • Easy-to-Find: If you keep a messy desk, the big pink gun is pretty hard to cover up.


  • Bulky: It’s a big tool and can be indelicate at times.
  • Learning-Curve: It is a tool and it does take a little bit of time getting used to.
  • Unforgiving: The adhesive is super permanent, so mistakes can be annoying.

I love my ATG gun. While it’s definitely not the only adhesive I use, it’s definitely at the top of the rotation. It’s awesome for bulk jobs like mini-albums, or card making.

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