New Mini-Album Workshop: Ten Things I Love About You

rukristin's Ten Things I Love About You Mini Album Workshop

Hi! Today I’d like to tell you a little bit more about my newest workshop: Ten Things I Love About You.  Ten Things is a self-paced workshop, ready to go right now.  This workshop is will to take you from brainstorming ideas in your head to full-album construction. When you’re finished with this workshop, you’ll have a beautiful, expressive mini scrapbook-album, planned out exactly the way you want it, documenting the Ten Things you love most.

rukristin's Ten Things I Love About You Mini Album Workshop

I created this workshop for a couple of really personal reasons:

  1. A big part of what I do here at rukristin: feminist scrapbooker is documenting myself and my story, but documenting our lives also means documenting the things we love. Our stories and our lives include rich and rewarding relationships with other people that deserve to be documented.
  2.  I really love creating albums for other people. One of my love languages is making things with my hands to give as gifts, especially personalized scrapbook albums. Taking the time and emotional energy to craft a project for yourself can be overwhelming — let alone doing it as a gift for someone else. This workshop shows you my tried and true techniques for getting all those thoughts and feelings out of my head, onto the page, and then crafted into an epic gift that anyone would be lucky to have.
  3. Mini-albums are my jam. They are one of my absolute favorite forms of life-documenting. I love putting together a story from start to finish. In this workshop, I spend some time talking about the different ways in which mini-albums are a long-haul project and the places in which you should lean into your creativity and the places you should hold back and let your story shine through.
  4. Workshops should always leave you with tips and techniques that will help you in future projects. Creating this mini-album will help you to learn about who you are as an artist/crafter. By going through the process step-by-step, you can learn about your strengths and weaknesses and tweak your process for any future projects.

rukristin Ten Things I Love About You Scrapbook Workshop

The first few units of this workshop – this introduction section, a supply list section, brainstorm section and a planning section – are a way to get everything ready, both inside your head, and out on your supply table, so that you can make a beautiful scrapbook album. There are several printable worksheets to get you started on the road to documenting your very own Ten Things.

rukristin Ten Things I Love About You

This workshop emphasizes the brainstorming and planning of mini-albums. I’m a firm believer that the more you plan and organize a project, the more likely it is to come out as you imagine it in your head. Because mini-albums are a marathon rather than a sprint, you wind up putting in a lot of time and effort into a single project. That’s why it’s important to try to get it right the first time — and the easiest and most successful way to do that is by brainstorming, planning, and figuring out exactly what you want to say.

Let me help you figure out exactly what you want to say. 

The construction section and bonus section have all the info on creating the album itself. There are walkthroughs with both photos and a write up for each page, as well as a course overview and walkthrough video. The bonus section has a couple of videos on some topics I thought were especially pertinent, as well as a bonus album from one of my favorite life-artists: Vanessa.

rukristin Ten Things I Love About You workshop

Do you have a special someone or something in your life? When was the last time you thought about how much they mean to you? When was the last time you let them know? Sometimes it’s easier to express our feelings (especially the scary overwhelming emotional feelings) through creative means. In rukristin’s Ten Things I Love About You, Kristin will guide you, step-by-step, through her personal process for creating a heartfelt mini-album.  

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rukristin ten things I love about you mini album workshop