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rukristin What are your Five Must Have Scrapbooking Supplies

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This week’s question: What are your five must-have scrapbooking supplies? why?

rukristin Five on Friday What are your five must-have scrapbooking supplies

Awesome Ladies Believe:

“It’s easy to get carried away with scrapbooking supplies – there are so many lovely shiny things to spend a fortune on. But my top five are:

1. An inkjet printer.
I print all my photos at home on my inkjet printer. This means that I can print and reprint things exactly how I want them, and precisely when I need them.

2. A black fineliner.
I use my own handwriting in my scrapbooking. I like to write on photos, as well as on journal cards. It’s important to me to have a god quality pen that doesn’t bleed, and that writes smoothly and evenly. I generally use size 0.2 or 0.3, and I swing between Artline and Staedtler brands.

3. Alpha stickers.
When I want to emphasise a feature or a feeling in a particular spread, I’ll generally use alpha stickers to spell it out. I love gold ones the most, but I also use grey, pink and yellow pretty profusely.

4. A rotary cutter.
I find that, when used with a ruler, a rotary cutter gives me the straightest, cleanest cuts with paper and card.

5. A rolling adhesive applicator.
For a long time I used double sided tape for all my scrapbook sticking, but all the cutting and peeling was so time consuming! Using a rolling applicator saves me so much time. I also use it heaps when collaging in my art journal. Such a handy little contraption!.”

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“When I started scrapbooking, I was overwhelmed by the amount of supplies available and that kept me from getting started on layouts. Now that I have a “core kit”, which is made up of my 5 must-have supplies, I can sit down and get started on projects without that supply-paralysis.

My core kit sets my foundation and I can pull in embellishments and additional tools (like a sewing machine), when needed. My core kit includes: my Canon Selphy printer, 6×6 paper pads, kraft cardstock, dry adhesive, and my paper trimmer.

I do most of my printing at home because I work in small bursts and having an easy photo printer is key for working when I am ready. I’m currently obsessed with pocket page scrapbooking and mini albums, so having a small collection of 6×6 paper pads is essential to having a manageable collection of patterned paper.

While some of my favorite scrappers (like Kristin and Ali Edwards!) have white cardstock on hand, I prefer kraft paper. I buy my kraft paper in 12×12 and since I scrap smaller than that, I use my handy Fiskars small paper trimmer to get things down to size. When I’m ready to put my layouts together, I rely mostly on my tape runners and photo splits to put everything down. I like to keep things simple!”

Kam Altar: About Kam | Favorite Mini Scrapbook Album Tools


“Even though I have a wide variety of scrapbooking supplies, I always seem to go back to my favourites! My absolute must-have is my iPhone 6s. The camera provides great quality photos and since my phone is always with me, it’s super convenient.

Next would be my printer. Trust me when I say that printing at home is a total game changer! If you’re in a position to be able to do that, I highly recommend it, it’s how I’m always able to stay caught up with my album. You don’t need anything super fancy – I have an Epson XP-960 and it fits my scrapping needs.

After that, my next favourite supplies go hand in hand… Can you guess what they are? A date stamp and dark grey ink! I know most people like to stamp with black ink, but I love Power Suit by Studio Calico. When I first started with Project Life, I never dated my photos and now I date almost all of them! It’s a small detail, but I think it helps bring my album together.

Lastly, my final favourite supply would be the gold chipboard wonky hearts from Studio Calico’s Essentials line. They’re a few years old, but they are my all-time favourite embellishment. I was lucky enough to have an awesome scrapbooking friend send me a whole bunch, so I don’t have to fully hoard them. I know when I start getting low, panic will set in!”

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“My must-haves definitely start with the photos, because photography is my number one form of life documentation, even when I don’t scrapbook them. Then I need some ephemera; I love to include bits and pieces from my life. After those two things, I need beautiful paper, a great black pen, and a tape runner. ”

Rachel: Instagram| The future of free photo printing?

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“My five must-have scrapbooking products are: 1) black pen, 2) black Versafine ink pad, 3) basic stamp sets, 4) hole punch, and 5) alphabet stickers.

My style lately has been pretty minimalist, so I need to have the basics with me at all times. I need my black pen for journaling and my ink and stamps for everything else. I love supplies that I can use over and over again, especially clear stamp sets. I’ve also been making a lot of DIY mini-albums lately, and my hole punch is essential for that. And honestly, I can’t ever have enough alphabet stickers. I just want them in every size, shape, color and texture. ”

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