Five on Friday Scrapbook Roundtable | When You’re Scrapbooking, Where Do You Start?

When You're Scrapbooking, What do you start with?

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This week’s question: When you’re scrapbooking, do you start with the photos, the words, the supplies, or something else entirely? why?

When you're scrapbooking, do you start with the photos, the words, the supplies, or something else entirely? why?

Awesome Ladies Believe:

“Photos, words, supplies, or ideas can be my starting point with scrapbooking, but most of the time I start with photos. I think I work that way because, to me, scrapbooking stimulates a very visual part of my brain, so when I look at a photo that I love, I am instantly motivated and full of ideas.”

Haley Aubuchon: My WebsiteMy Shop

Haley Fof

“When I am scrapbooking I always start with the photos. I take so many photos. I majored in photography in university so it’s kind of my thing. I get them printed in month or so batches at a time so I have lots to get busy with. When I pick them up from getting printed I start by grouping them into events or themes so I have little stacks to work from for my Project Life layouts. I always start with my favourites so that they for sure make it into my album. I look at the overall colours in a group and then start matching papers and embellishments with them and start thinking of an overall theme for the layout. I then pull out the page protector (I’m currently doing 9×12 mostly and really like that size) that would best work with my layout and start laying the pictures and papers on top. I especially like using enlargements in my layouts – 6×6 is my favourite print size. It’s perfect for enlarging Instagram photos and looks great as an anchor on a page of 3×3 squares. Then I throw on all the embellishments, maybe some stamping and it’s done!”

odessa: | Here’s a recent Awesome Ladies Project layout I did

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“As an art journaler, I start with a feeling that needs to be expressed more than anything else. I have paint, collage images, embellishments, and all sorts of things ready to be used, and sometimes my supplies become overwhelming. My style of art journaling is all about self-expression and capturing my personal story right then, and I find it is best to limit my supplies somewhat so I do not drown in the options. I am happiest when I am not fighting with my supplies, and I know the page is finished when I feel a sense of self-discovery slip into place.”

Patricia Nordeen: Instagram: @patricia.nordeen| Featured in the Sketchbook Conversations series on MyGiantStrawberry

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“My go-to is to start with the photos. My primary form of memory-keeping is weekly pocket scrapbooking. Choosing photos and how to arrange them is the easiest place for me to begin. But I recognize that different sorts of stories get told depending on where I start, so I make sure to switch it up sometimes so I’m telling stories that aren’t necessarily represented by photos. I also get ideas for projects from products or from a documenting concept (sometimes the idea comes before the photo) Starting different places really does give you different results. ”

Megan Anderson: The Nerd Nest| Pocket Your Year — My Year-Long Pocket Page Workshop

Megan for rukristin's Five on Friday

“When scrapbooking, I’m definitely inspired by photos, stories, and supplies, but I’m not sure which I gravitate towards most. Sometimes I have photographs that I really want to scrapbook (even if the story isn’t great). Other times I have a story that I want to tell (even if I don’t have the best photo). Lastly, there are other times completely where I see a sheet of pretty paper, or a sticker pack and think — I need to scrapbook with that immediately.”

rukristin: About Me | New Blog Post: What is Scrapbooking?

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