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Welcome to Five on Friday — a weekly scrapbook roundtable. Each week, I reach out to four other awesome ladies for their take on our scrapbook roundtable question of the week. Once you’ve checked out our thoughts and our favorite links below, join the conversation in our free Awesome Ladies mastermind Facebook group.

This week’s question: What is Scrapbooking for you?

Five on Friday 1 What is Scrapbooking for you

Awesome Ladies Believe:

“What scrapbooking means to me is multifaceted. On the surface, it’s a way to document my life and it’s a given that I enjoy sharing the finished pages with my family. When I dig deeper, I know that I revel in the act of the creative process: choosing supplies, designing my page and reliving each of the memories through the photos.I get to spend a little time focusing on me, by myself and perhaps selfishly, for myself following whatever creative whim I want to. I would be lying if I said I was scrapbooking just to tell my family’s story.”

Christy Strickler: Blog | Sign up for The Lab Report, Christy’s Free Newsletter

Christy for rukristin's Five on Friday

“For me, scrapbooking is how I document my adventures. I get to combine photos of my life with cute papers and embellishments in an art form that I love. Anytime I want to remember what happened, I can pull out a mini album for a certain trip and look through my favorite photos.”

Katie Smith: My InstagramMy Art Journal Traveling Kit

Katie for rukristin's Five on Friday

“Scrapbooking is my superpower. I only have one life to live, but memories so easily slip into the ether. By using photos and words to record what I do, think, and feel, I can look back to all of the things I would have otherwise forgotten, which feels like gaining extra life. Getting to express my creativity with papers, embellishments, and art techniques is a bonus!”

Megan Anderson: The Nerd Nest| Pocket Your Year — My Year-Long Pocket Page Workshop

Megan for rukristin's Five on Friday

“I am an art journaler and in many ways these two approaches – scrapbooking and art journaling – are two different ways of documenting my life that don’t overlap, but compliment each other. Scrapbooking for me is a way to use my supplies in a new and original manner. Often, my scrapbooking will have much more of a design feel to it thanks to the fact that the kits I use are curated. It is a no pressure way of creating”

Vanessa Oliver-Lloyd: Blog | I’m a 30 Days of Lists Ambassador!

Vanessa Five on Friday

“For me, scrapbooking is the combination of pictures, words, and pretty paper. Whether I’m scrapbooking in a traditional 12×12 album or in a handful of mini-albums, this is how I tell my everyday adventures. I scrapbook for myself and for people who want to know more about my life — both now and in the future.”

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