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Awesome Ladies Live

A couple of weeks back, my best lady friends and I met up in San Antonio, Texas. We got an AirBnb Condo, went to Fiesta, saw the Alamo, and reveled in the unspoken magic that happens when female friends get together. We also made a couple of important final decisions on my upcoming live event: Awesome Ladies Live.

Awesome Ladies Live

A huge part of the Awesome Ladies Live experience is going to be the Awesome Ladies. There will be women coming in from all over the country for our event! It’s one thing to sit at home, scrapbook about your life and chat about it on the internet (trust me, I do it every day). But getting together, with a group of like-minded women, where you’re all engaging, creating, and encouraging one another — that’s on a whole separate level; it’s absolutely magical.

You will leave Awesome Ladies Live with new friends, with new creative ideas, and with stories from women of all ages, places, experiences, and beliefs. We are women who believe in our stories. Both in the power of telling our stories, and the power of listening to the stories of other women.

we want to hear your stories

We packed all of the important learn and make activities on Saturday. We’re gonna go through four workshops and make an entire 4×4 scrapbook album. We’ve got a couple of breaks in there, as well as some open crop time at the end of the evening to rewind. BUT, we’ve got a ton of great activities going on throughout the weekend so that we could chill and get a lot of quality lady time. Our whole weekend is scheduled out to be absolutely amazing, whether you’re a bubbly extrovert who loves all the people all the time. or a shy introvert who loves other awesome ladies, but maybe just in smaller doses.

Traveling to East Lansing is super easy — whatever your mode of transportation: car, plane, train (also, please do not hesitate to email me directly with help planning travel). We have group rates arranged at the Marriott where our event will be taking place. They have a pool, so totally pack a swimsuit!

One of the perks of having the event in East Lansing is that it’s ridiculously affordable, you know how much I love that midwestern lifestyle. I also really want to introduce you more to my town and treat you like a guest here! We’ll be having a meet & greet here at my house, a photo shoot at the botanical gardens, and more!

The bottom line is, I want you there. I want to meet you in person. I want to hear all about your life and your scrapbooks and the stories that you still want to tell.

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Let’s Make This Happen!