Taking Fab Photos with Your Phone

The photo you have is better than the photo you don’t. I take 99% of my photographs using my iPhone. I have since I started using an iPhone about eight years ago It’s got a better camera than most point and shoots, it’s got editing tools right on board, and I keep it on my person whenever I’m out of the house.

Today I want to share with you some of my favorite simple ways to improve the photos coming out of your phone.

Tip #1: Never Ever Use Digital Zoom

Digital zoom is not your friend. It reduces the number of pixels per square inch and reduces the quality of your photo. You can always crop and zoom in on your photo during the editing process, you’ll have more editing power and the ability to craft the exact same (or better) result.

Tip #2: Move Yourself Around

Since you’re not using the digital zoom, you need to move yourself and the camera around to get the photograph to frame the way you want it to. Find out the spots that you like, and learn to work the phone angles in a way that gives you the look you’re going for. This is a great way to develop a style as a photographer.

I personally love taking overhead shots, mirror selfies, and lots of photos with cool angles and geometric patterns. Play around and see what works for you.

Tip #3: Cull Your Photos

You don’t need five thousand photographs on your phone. You certainly don’t need a hundred photos of the same flower patch. After you’re done shooting your photos, go through them and favorite the ones you want to keep and edit. Delete the rest. You don’t need the blurry ones. You don’t need five photos of the same rose. Pick one of those photos, the other four won’t be offended, I promise.

Taking and handling the photos on your phone is so much less overwhelming when you aren’t dealing with thousands of them at a time. Take as many photos as you need. Keep the ones you want to look at again or edit, delete the rest.

Whether you’re just getting started with photos on your phone or a seasoned phone photo pro, it’s always great to brush up on the basics. My friends over at Aura Frames sent me over this great phone photo infographic that you can save directly to your camera roll for quick reference, just right click and save to your phone or computer.

taking fabulous photos using your phone

What are your favorite phone photo tips?

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