rukristin introduces the ALP Story Journal

rukristin introduces the ALP story journal

Over the summer I released an amazing new product over at The Awesome Ladies Project. The ALP Story Journal is one of my favorite products to date.

So much thought and love and hope went into this one and I’m super excited to share it with you.


I think the best way for me to share it with you is through the introductory video that I created. I flip through the entire book and I also show a few different styles of inside pages.

I designed this book so that everyday women could have a place to document their lives.

I know so many awesome ladies out there who don’t have huge craft rooms or a million art supplies — that stuff just doesn’t fit into their lives right now; for whatever reason.

I designed this for those awesome ladies. Grab the Story Journal and go. It’s the size of Traveler’s Notebooks and fits in standard size folios. There are 32 pages inside including a front cover, double-page introduction spread, fourteen double-page prompt spreads, and a back cover.

Make your mark on the world and share your stories. I made the Awesome Ladies Project Story Journal just for you to document your awesome lady stories.

The ALP Story Journal is printed on 100-pound text weight paper with 14 different storytelling prompts, making it perfect for scrapbooking, art journaling, mixed media, or any other creative supplies you want to use to tell your story — literally, whatever you want, the choice is totally yours (I’m a huge fan of photos, stamping, and a tiny bit of handwritten journaling).

If you’d like one, or a few (they’re fabulous presents); you can pick them up in the Awesome Ladies Shop.

PS — If you’re looking for more AP style advanced scrapbooking and art journaling techniques with the ALP Story Journal, check out these blog posts.