Show Up

rukristin show up in your daily life

Showing up is one of the hardest things you have to do each day. Sometimes it feels so awesome (and completely necessary) to just say, nah — not this time; I’m gonna sit this one out, or call in sick, or take the day off. But, man — when you show up and put in the effort for yourself, that feels even more awesome.

Show Up

You need to make that choice to show up. You can lay around and Netflix all you want until you decide to show up and make stuff happen. Sure there are reasons when we can’t show up (I totally get that), especially when our bodies are telling us that it’s not the time for that.

rukristin show up in your daily life

But you do have to actually make the choice. It’s an action. It’s not passive. It requires some forward momentum. So today I want to give you a little bit of kick in the ass-peration for when you need that extra little bit of forward momentum.


I was feeling a little anxious and fidgety on Tuesday morning. I was procrastinating a bit on paying some bills. But, like — I had a bunch of stuff on my agenda that I really wanted to work on, and I know I needed to get the big thing done first (known as the eat the frogs method). I put on my new Spotify Fall 2017 playlist and gave myself a two-song impromptu dance party.

It gave me the adrenaline to get my bills done and sparked the idea for this awesome art journal page I made, for the Get Messy Season of Connections, on Tuesday afternoon.

rukristin show up

I had already been procrastinating, and I was like — oh, I probably shouldn’t spend even more time procrastinating by making. But, you know what, I need to spend some time showing up in my creative life. I did an awesome job showing up and paying these bills, now let me roll that enthusiasm over and use that energy to work on this creative idea I have in my head.


Today I want to challenge you to show up in your creative life. Spend five minutes working on a project. Something, anything at all. You don’t have to start something new, you don’t have to complete anything, you just have to show up and make a little bit of progress.

If you need a project to work on, check out my free Intro to Feminist Scrapbooking Workshop!