100 Days of All About Me Album Walkthrough

It makes sense, but it is crazy what you can accomplish when you spend a hundred days on something. I’ve completed my 100 Days of All About Me album, and I’m here to share a walkthrough video and a bit of the process of how the entire project came to fruition.

How I came up with 100 Days of All About Me

Each spring, there is a project known as the 100 Day Project by Elle Luna, that occurs in the artist/maker/crafter online community. The basic idea is to choose a creative habit, and then repeat that habit once a day for 100 consecutive days.

This year, for the 100 Day Project, which began on April 4th 2017; I chose to write down an introspective all about me question, along with some follow-up questions to help refine what I was asking. I wrote down each of these questions in a single travelers notebook insert in order to keep everything together and in one place. I didn’t write out the answers to my questions, just wrote out the questions themselves.

rukristin 100 Days of All About Me

On the Scrap Gals Podcast

As the 100 Day Project was winding down, Tiffany and Tracie of the Scrap Gals Podcast put out a quick call out in their Facebook Group for listeners who had been working on their own 100 Day Project. I had let them know about my journaling project, and they invited me and a few other wonderful ladies to speak on the show — you can listen to that episode here.

During that episode, the Gals had convened a panel to chat about our 100 Day Projects, and the upcoming Scrap Gals 100 Day Challenge Redux! I was so inspired that I decided right there on the spot I would be taking that time to share the questions I created with the rest of the world (via The Awesome Ladies Project) and furthermore, spend each day reflecting on a single question myself.

rukristin 100 Days of All About Me

Launching 100 Days of All About Me

I launched my 100 Days of All About Me project on August 1st, 2017. I opened it up to anyone who wanted to join. I’m a huge believer that feminist scrapbooking should be easy and accessible, and this was something that I could make easily accessible to everyone.

Here’s how it worked:

From August 1st through November 9th, every morning, I sent out an email with an introspective All About Me Question. In addition to the question, I added a cool graphic image with the main question embedded inside, and wrote up my follow up questions to make it a full journaling prompt.

Email was a great way to deliver this project. Because of the heavy load, it was nice to be able to schedule these emails out in advance, and know that readers/participants could save them up in their inbox for when they were ready to tackle that day’s prompts (b/c Imma let you in on a ‘lil secret — sometimes this isn’t exactly an every single day project for me).

Now that our 100 Days of All About Me is over for 2017, the PDF of all our prompts is up in the Awesome Ladies VIP Vault.


About My Project

For this project, I used a 4×4 store-bought scrapbook album (We R Memory Keepers) and some cardstock journaling cards I have left over in my stash. My primary supplies are clear stamps, pigment ink pads, and my black pen.

rukristin 100 days of All About Me

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