You are Awesome: Scrapbook It

You are Awesome & Have Stories That Deserve to be Told

Scrapbooking is my jam — I just absolutely love playing around with pretty paper, using my photographs to help tell my stories, and infusing my personal style through whatever fun artifacts I find around my life, at the craft store, or throughout the internet.

Feminist scrapbooking, a term I first created a few years back when I was trying to reconcile this overwhelming love for photos, paper, and crafting scrapbooks with this deep-seated need for authentic storytelling.

As an awesome lady who doesn’t fit into the picket-fence with 2.5 offspring mold, when I first started scrapbooking, I stuck out like a sore thumb. More than once, other women came up to me (in person and on the internet) and told me that I didn’t belong and that I wasn’t ‘a real scrapbooker’ or that I was selfish or a narcissist because I was documenting my own stories.

That shit is downright offensive. 

So that’s why I created the Awesome Ladies Project. I wanted there to be a place for people like us to hang out and craft together. People who don’t subscribe to any of that nonsense or bullshit. People that know that all stories are important, no matter what your life looks like. In fact, if you feel like your life looks different from those around you, you should be telling that story — that’s an important story. <3In order to help indoctrinate the most people into my awesome feminist scrapbooking cult, I put together a fun and free intro workshop. It will guide you through the steps of putting together your first feminist scrapbook project & sharing it with the Awesome Ladies community.Don’t worry if you’re new to scrapbooking, or new to feminism. This is totally for you. You don’t need to have any experience in anything, I’m here to guide you the whole way :)

One of my personal favorite quotes about feminism fits perfectly into our feminist scrapbooking definition.

A feminist is any woman who tells the truth about her life.

— Virginia Woolf

As long as you’re telling the truth about your life, you’re a feminist.

If you’re taking physical scraps of your life, whether it be photos, journaling, memorabilia, pretty paper, artwork, or anything else, and putting that together into a book/album, you’re a feminist scrapbooker.

Come join me and the Awesome Ladies for my free workshop Intro to Feminist Scrapbooking!

Intro to Feminist Scrapbooking


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