Crafty Ass Female Podcast EP 05 // Instagram’s Best Nine + Social Media Posturing

Crafty ass female episode 5 best nine and thoughts on posturing

Merry Christmas! It’s also Monday, which means that Amanda and I have got a brand new episode of the Crafty Ass Female podcast up for you! Today we’re talking about the 2017 ‘Best Nine’ Instagram trend, social media posturing, why social media is just so weird sometimes

Crafty ass female episode 5 best nine and thoughts on posturing

In this episode:

We discuss the Instagram phenomenon referred to as ‘best nine’ + offer an alternative way to think about it. Also on our minds going into the new year is the toxicity of posturing – on the internet, in crafting, and in life.

A few thoughts from me Episode 05:

  1. Social media is a huge part of my life, I’ve been an internet kid since I was a tween. I’ve always posted parts of my life online, whether it was on myspace, Live Journal, or through a janky ass GeoCities website that I made when I got home from school in seventh grade. That’s why I love to look at it critically.
  2. I love internet friends and social media. But it’s only as good as the content and the time we bring to it. It’s not a friendship replacement plan, it’s a way to interact with the other people who are also on the social media network. You can only create genuine connections if you put parts of your genuine self out there. You don’t have to post everything, you definitely shouldn’t post everything, but if you’re looking for ways to make connections with other people — think about the ways in which you love yourself, and the ways in which people IRL genuinely love you — bring that to social media. That’s my game plan, and here we are today. Social media is what brings me closer to all of you.
  3. My biggest takeaway for you this episode is: No matter how many likes, comments, or mentions your posts get on these platforms, you are an awesome human with a beautiful life to live and incredible stories to tell. Let’s find our true best nine.

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Call to Action:

At the end of the episode, we called you to action by posing the #2017bestnine vs #mytrue2017bestnine challenge! Listen to the episode to hear how to participate and make sure to tag #craftyassfemale so we can all see your photos!
Thank you SO much for listening to our show. We have been floored by the number of you that have been listening and reaching out with your personal crafty ass female stories. We LOVE you and we are so glad that you’re here with us on this journey.

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