One Little Word 2018: Cultivate

Processed With Darkroom
Processed With Darkroom

One Little Word is an annual tradition of choosing a word to lead you throughout the year. This project, started in 2016, by the ever amazing memory-keeping goddess Ali Edwards is an incredible part of the creative online community around the world. Today I’m sharing a video flip through of my 2018 word: Cultivate; along with my project binder and plan for the upcoming year.


I’ve been undertaking Ali Edwards’ One Little Word tradition for over a decade now. This year, I’ll be using the word cultivate as my lens for 2018. I love Ali’s focus on intentions, on seeing where the word leads you throughout the year, and letting the meaning morph over the course of twelve months.

My intentions for this word

I want to take the relationships, skills, and knowledge that I have, and nurture their growth.

rukristin one little word cultivate

My One Little Word: Cultivate Backstory

I’ve spent the past few years getting used to moving halfway across the country, starting my own business, and dealing with two overlapping and debilitating headache disorders that have dominated the better part of my every day since college.

As my headaches started to get better, and as my everyday life started to get more manageable; I found myself craving GREAT work again.

This past summer, my word came to me as I was harvesting some very special heirloom tomatoes from the garden — a hobby where great work reaped great rewards. I spent the better part of six months cultivating these tomato plants, from seeds, to seedlings, to baby plants in the garden, to giant stalks with hundreds of fruits, that tasted more delicious than any store-bought tomato I’ve ever had in my life.

Processed With Darkroom

I thought to myself — what if I applied this to everything I felt passionately about. What if I sat down and thought about the other things I really wanted to cultivate in my life.

I am so excited for where this word is going to take me. I am so ready.

How I’m bringing the word into my life this year:

  1. I’m taking the workshop with Ali Edwards: You can enroll in the workshop at Ali’s site
  2. I’ve got a 6×8 One Little Word binder that I’ll be working in.
  3. One Little Word on Crafty Ass Female!

rukristin One Little Word Cultivate

I’ve also purchased this binder and One Little Word kit, along with some other supplies for this project, from the Ali Edwards’ shop. She’s got these fantastic 6×8 binders that I absolutely love for my projects. This one is a soft pink with the one little word logo on the front cover.

One Little Word rukristin cultivate

Amanda and I also recorded an episode of Crafty Ass Female on Ali’s One Little Word project, our past experiences with this project, and where we’re headed with our words for 2018! You can listen to that episode and the rest of Crafty Ass Female here.

One Little Word Crafty Ass Female Episode

I’ll be using the hashtag #rukristincultivate and the One Little Word hashtags throughout social media.

Do you participate in the One Little Word project? Formally? Informally? I’d love to hear more.