100 Days of All About Me: Now in Paperback

The print copies of my book: 100 Days of All About Me are now available! They are amaaaazing and they look SO good. I’m probably a little bit biased, but that’s okay.

This book is the product of a series of project that I’ve been working on over the course of the last year. It’s been an amazing journey to be able to turn it into not one, but TWO paperback books to share with the people that I love. Here’s a little bit more about my book:

100 Days of All About Me is a self-documenting challenge with big, bold pictures and probing, incisive questions. Answer questions about your life, your loves and what’s next, with plenty of room to doodle or leave notes. You are awesome and you have stories that deserve to be told. Let this book guide you to telling 100 stories about your right now life. Most importantly, 100 days is just one way to do this challenge. If it takes you 5, 50, or 500 days, there is no wrong way to document your stories and your truth.

100 days Cover
There are two versions of the book. The full-color version has a gorgeous photo and a fill-in page for each prompt, with plenty of space to write, doodle and plan.  There is also a workbook version available with only fill-in pages. Both versions are available right now on Amazon (along with the Kindle version as well)

I’ll be showing off both versions during the launch party on Saturday, January, 13th at 2 pm on Facebook, and I’d love for you to attend!

100 Days Book Launch Party

I’ll be hosting a live video chat and answering questions, discussing how I was inspired to put the book together and I’ll be giving copies away!

Even if you can’t attend the launch party during the time it’s being held, you should definitely ‘attend the event‘. The live video will be recorded and the giveaways will be up afterward!