Crafty Ass Female Podcast EP 10 // Why We Scrapbook

10 why we scrapbook ALPstoryjourn

In this week’s episode of Crafty Ass Female, Amanda and I are talking about why we scrapbook. Whether you call it scrapbooking, memory-keeping, documenting, or have your own awesome term for it, we’re talking about why we take the time out of our lives to remember, and craft about, the moments that are special to us.

10 why we scrapbook ALPstoryjourn

In this episode:

We explore why we as crafty ass females scrapbook/document/memory keep our lives. We talk about how our memory keeping has evolved over the years. We talk about documenting the right now and discuss documenting hard things.

We also spend time explaining that although we are ALL ABOUT paper + memories + badass photos, you won’t find us spending every waking moment posing + taking pictures for ‘the scrapbook.’ Life events are meant to be lived the art part comes later.

You all know this topic is my jam and I’ve got so much to say about it — Amanda and I had the best conversation; and I really can’t wait for you to listen and jump in and let us know what you think about it as well.

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Call to Action:

We would love to hear why you memory keep! What are your reasons? How long have you scrapbooked? What started you scrapbooking? What has made you stay? If you left, what brought you back to it!

ALSO: We’re all in this together! We want to tackle the topics YOU want to hear about and are open to any suggestions + heartfelt feedback. Let us know what you’re thinking on instagram with the hashtag #craftyassfemale, or head over to and let us know your thoughts on scrapbooking.