Creating a Project Box

Are you struggling with keeping your stuff together for long-term creative projects? Let me share with you one of my favorite tricks: The Project Box.

Creating a dedicated box for your project is the best way to keep all your materials organized and in the same place so you can pick up your long-term project and start it back up at any time.

This is a technique that I’ve been using for years and it’s absolutely the best way to juggle multiple projects, as well as keep all of your projects organized while you try to keep up with everything on your creative to-do list.

Here’s a video of me putting together my Book of Me project box.


Putting together a project box is simple, I’m sure you have almost everything you need at home already, and it doesn’t even need to be a box!

Here are my steps for putting together a Project Box

1. Figure out what supplies you’re going to to be using for your project.

Grab your papers, your embellishments, and everything else you know you’re dedicating to this project and pull it together.

Tools can be a subjective question. Are you going to be keeping all of your tools in the box as well? Or will you be needing those same tools for other projects in the meantime? If so, you’re probably better off keeping your tools separate from your project supplies.

2. Find a box/envelope/cart/etc suitable for your supplies.

Basically, the only requirement is that everything fits inside. Sometimes it’s easier if you can see inside, so clear boxes, or boxes with lids that lift off, and easily let you see the inside can be very helpful. Big plastic envelopes or recyclable zip-top bags are also great.

3. Gather up your supplies and put them in the box.

If it helps you to sort your supplies further inside your box, go for it. I like to keep some of my embellishments stored in their own ziptop bags, it makes it easier to pull them out and sort through them later on.

4. Take out the box when you want to work on your project.

It’s as easy as that. You can throw everything back in the box, put it away when you’re done, and pull it right back out again when you’re ready to start again.

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