Crafty Ass Female Podcast EP 08 // What’s My Thing?

In today’s episode of Crafty Ass Female, we talk about what it means to ‘have a thing’. What is your niche? What makes you tick? As a creative, what are your special gifts? What are you meant to do with your precious time here on this Earth?

crafty ass female ep 08

What makes you, you?

This is my favorite episode so far. I absolutely love the conversation that Amanda and I had this week. Confession: We do say the word thing a lot. But, the podcast is rated 18+, so deal.

In this episode, I wanted to call attention to the dichotomy between what it means to have a thing publically and what it means to have a thing personally.

What’s my thing for me?

What’s my thing to others?

We chat about a bunch of great things and this episode really comes around full circle a bunch of times.

I talk about how stories are the common thread for me. Stories are my thing. How with my public personality — rukristin: Feminist Scrapbooker, storytelling is at the forefront. But even with everything in my personal life, stories are intertwined with everything.

Stories are the common thread.

I love stories. Stories are everywhere. Stories are my favorite.

Whether your thing is part of your job, or part of your hobby, or part of your everyday life or only a part of your once in a while life — that’s totally okay.

And even if you haven’t found your thing yet — that’s totally okay too. This episode is absolutely for you. Amanda and I talk about how it took us a while to even find what our things are (if we even know them yet)! As well as how every single part of our journies have lead us here and we firmly believe that every part of your journey leads you to where you’re supposed to be.

Listen to this week’s episode of Crafty Ass Female here.

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