rukristin’s 2018 Planners + Organization

rukristin planner and organization

Today we’re talking about planners. We’re early in 2018, and it’s a great time to reflect on your planner, your organization plan, and see if you want to make any changes going forward further into the new year.

Amanda and I recorded an episode of Crafty Ass Female on our planner lineups for 2018, and our thoughts on how planning and organizing help us achieve our creative goals. Listen to that episode, or subscribe to Crafty Ass Female and have new episode delivered to your device on Monday mornings.

Here’s a visual look at my planners and organizational tools.

My main planner is the Get to Workbook by Elise Joy. I use the July to June edition. I really enjoy having an academic/school year planner, but the GTWB comes in both academic and traditional calendar year editions.

It goes Monday to Sunday, so it’s perfect for people with a work week, especially those with a stay-at-home work week. it doesn’t have times, so it’s not for someone with a set schedule.

Here’s what Get to Workbook has to say in it’s own words:

GET TO WORK BOOK® is a daily planner + goal setting workbook designed to help you make progress on your big goals by taking things one day at a time. While (sadly) it can’t do your work for you, every inch of it was thoughtfully designed to help you get to work.

Reasons I love the Get to Workbook

  • Black and white
  • Minimalist
  • Tabbed months
  • Monthly view
  • Goal setting pages
  • Actionable planner

I love how it has three checkboxes at the top of each day, and the left side of the weekly margin for action items.

There are also monthly calendar pages, and project goal sheets, and inspirational illustration.

In addition to the planner itself, she’s come out with a bunch of great coordinating products, some of which I’m in love with. I use the rainbow sticky notes almost daily.

To Get it Done Binder

In addition to my Get to Workbook, I have a 6×8 binder from Ali Edwards’ Week in the Life line. This is where I keep notes for all of my projects in progress. Things that don’t really work inside of a weekly planner.

I have color-coded dividers for each of my projects.

Pink — The Awesome Ladies Project
Orange — Crafty Ass Female
Yellow — rukristin
Green — Book of Me
Blue — 100 Days of All About Me

This is where I keep incomplete thoughts, ideas, post-its, and the stuff that I know needs to get done. I’ll flip through this binder each week and add the important items for the upcoming week to my Get to Workbook. Otherwise, I’ll keep the notes in there until they get moved to a more permanent home.

This binder also has dividers by day: Monday – Sunday, so that I have a place to keep written down the recurring weekly events on whatever day they happen on. Each day I’ll flip open to that page and make sure those tasks get done.

My Organizational Tools

  • Post-its
  • Binders
  • 6 Ring Hole Punch
  • Currently List Sticky Notes

What are you using to plan and organize your 2018? Listen to our episode of Crafty Ass Female and let us know how you’re planning and organizing the upcoming year.