30 Days of Lists Album Prep — March 2018


Listing is one of my favorite low-impact creative projects. It doesn’t take much creative energy to write down a list. You can do it anywhere, you can do it with any supplies, you can do it however many times you like.

I’ve been participating in the 30 Days of List challenge for years now. It was started by two of my best friends, and I’ve been an ambassador for the project and professing my love to the world for more than five years now.

My favorite thing about 30 Days of Lists is that you can tackle this project any damned way you please. I’ve created mini-albums, used notebooks, listed in my planner, incorporated lists into my December Daily, and more.

The #30lists community is always full of inspiration, and whether you want to spend 60 seconds or 60 minutes on your list for the day, this project is for you.

This year, while Amanda and I were recording an episode of the Crafty Ass Female podcast on 30 Lists and listing as a habit (which will air tomorrow morning), I was reminiscing about one of my favorite past 30 Lists albums. It was a mixed paper art journal that I spent some time prepping and making the pages look awesome before the listing even started. 



So this round, I wanted to do something similar. I purchased semi-transparent six ring binder from Amazon.com and picked out a bunch of my favorite papers from my stash. I trimmed some of them down to fit the length and width of the binder. I used a six-ring hole punch to punch the holes, and then stuck my pages in the binder.

I grabbed some of the Avery printable labels I have in my office stash and trimmed them down to 2×3 inches. I’ll use these for my actual lists, and place the labels on the pages each day as I complete the lists. img_5746-1.jpg

I recorded a short (and slightly shadowed — sorry) process video of my 30 Days of Lists album prep for the March 2018 season of this project, so you can see what my book looks like right now.

Supplies Used:

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