Crafty Ass Female Podcast EP 11 // 30 Days of Lists + Low Impact Projects

11 30 days of lists

In this episode:

In this week’s episode of Crafty Ass Female, Amanda and I are talking about 30 Days of Lists, listing as a creative habit, and low impact projects. I’ve been listing as a creative habit since high school, an ambassador for the #30Lists creative project, and using lists throughout my creative work for years. It was so much fun to talk about each of these during this week’s show.

In yesterday’s blog post, I shared my plan and a process video for the 30 Days of Lists I’m using for this round of listing. I had a fun time putting together my mixed paper binder, and I can’t wait to get started listing in March. For now, this episode about how awesome listing is as a creative challenge will have to suffice!

In addition to #30lists, Amanda and I chat about how we use lists throughout our creative process, how it helps us break down other projects, and I share lots about my Currently List Journaling Challenge, including how you can download two of my free Currently Lists to use in your own creative projects.

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Call to Action:

Have you ever used a list in a creative way? If so, head over to our Episode 11 Page and leave a link to your creations in the comments! Will you be participating in 30 Days of Lists next month, and if so – will it be your first time, or have you participated in the past?

ALSO: We’re all in this together! We want to tackle the topics YOU want to hear about and are open to any suggestions + heartfelt feedback. Let us know what you’re thinking, you can shoot me an email, or tag us on Instagram with the hashtag #craftyassfemale.