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This week on Crafty Ass Female, Amanda and I discussed our favorite, must-have, go-to supplies. When I pitched the episode to her, I posed the clarifying question as: What do you need to have by your side when you’re crafting?

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As any crafter, artist, or maker, my favorite supplies have changed and evolved over time and I think it’s a great idea to check in with yourself to see what tools and supplies you’re using every so often. It helps you to look at yourself both introspectively and objectively (you are, after all, looking at objects).

Here are the favorites that I talk about (in much more detail) on this week’s show.

Scotch ATG Tape Glider

amazon atg tape runner rukristin

This is my everyday tape runner. It’s the most economical and longest lasting tape runner on the market, in my opinion. I love that it’s made by 3M/Scotch, a brand that I trust. I’ve been using it for about ten years now. I dressed up mine with stickers to give it a more badass look.

I like that it has less waste than any of the other tape runners. You’re not throwing out a plastic casing with every single refill. The refills last three times as long as the smaller standard tape runners, and the adhesive is really excellent.

Versafine Black Ink + Reinker

amazon rukristin versafine ink

This is my black ink. I use this ink on 95% of all of my projects. I have two stamp pads and a single reinker. I’ve never run out in five years. It stamps the crispest images of all the inks I’ve ever tried. I can’t say enough good things about this ink.

Acrylic Block (2×3 + Others)

amazon rukristin acrylic blocks

Acrylic (or Clear) blocks are essential for stamping with clear stamps. You need a surface to stick the stamps to and clear blocks are made so that you can through the stamp and onto your project.

My favorite block is a 2×3 block, but they come in all different sizes and you’ll just have to find the ones that work best for you and your projects. Amanda and I talk a whole bunch about the different sizes of blocks, and what purposes they serve in the episode.

Industrial 6 Hole Punch

amazon rukristin six ring hole punch

I’ve been making six-hole projects for a while now. I love binders, and the six-hole binders are SO MUCH sturdier than the traditional three-ring binders. Ali Edwards 6×8 binders have the six-rings, a bunch of the planners have the six-rings, and I’ve been making a bunch of DIY albums that use the six rings.

I get so much use out of this hole punch. I love that the holes are adjustable, so I can make A5, A6, and holes that are exactly the same size apart. It’s heavy, built well, and it works for cardstock, patterned paper, and everything thinner than chipboard.

Letter Stickers

amazon rukristin letter stickers

Letter stickers are an essential of mine that hasn’t changed over the years. I’m as obsessed with alphas as I was when I first started crafting. Whether it’s foam thickers (the only ones I trust), cardstock letters (like the ones above by Simple Stories) or Kelly Purkey’s amazing letter stickers (obsessed), letter stickers appear on almost all of my projects.

Amanda and I talk about what role they play in my scrapbooks and why they aren’t always the main focal point, or a replacement for my journaling. We also talk about a bunch of different ways to extend the life of your alpha stickers and turn your less used letters into more frequently used letters in this week’s episode.

Pilot Multiball Pen

Everyone has a favorite pen. This one is mine. I have about a dozen of them around the house, my studio, in the office, in my various bags, wherever I stash them. I love the ink, I love how it glides, I just love everything about it.

It comes in multiple thicknesses, and I have it in two different thicknesses and that works really well for lists and bolding journaling or giving something a heading, or just wanting thicker or thinner text. Everyone has a preference for pens and this one is my favorite. There are definitely other great pens out there that might be your favorite and remember, the most important take away is to use the supplies that work best for you!

You can see lots more of my favorite supplies on my Amazon Influencer Page. Almost all of these products are supplies that I’m currently using right now or have used in the past. Most of them already have comments/descriptions about why I love them. To see those click on the top right corner of the item to view.

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