Week in the Life 2018 Prep

Week in the Life is one of my favorite projects. It’s an annual wee-long documentation project started and run by Ali Edwards. You can learn more about it by checking out the Week in the Life page on her website or listening to our extremely excellent interview with Ali on my Crafty Ass Female podcast. She talks about why it’s such a great way to document the stories of your everyday life without getting too overwhelmed and making it a neverending project.

Here’s how I’m tackling the project in 2018

I’m planning on taking photos and sharing them and some stories here on Instagram throughout the day, and then hopefully coming back on here in the evening and blogging up the story of the day.

When talking with Ali on the podcast last week, I was reminded of how I really loved this step in her process. I love how she uses social media and technology as a tool in her documenting and I’d love to remind myself of that more often, instead of telling myself that, ‘I don’t need to add that in there’ or ‘I’ll just remember it’.

Are you playing along with Ali + me in 2018? 

Here are a few more of my Week in the Life posts from the archives.