What if I Blogged Instead of Instagramming?


I have a cute photo, and a quick story I want to tell. Why is my instinct to run to Instagram? A platform that I don’t own (is owned by the bad guys), where ‘my content’ can be taken away from me at any time.

Yep, it’s super convenient and I love that I can talk to, connect with, and find new ladies that are passionate about the same things I am.

But I don’t need to be putting original content on there and nowhere else. It’s not where my people are. It’s not where I want to be serving my community and it’s not a great place for a female business owner.

Instead, I want to be here, on my own platform. This website, that I own and operate. This blog, that I’ve created and built. This foundation, that I’ve grown from the ground up.

I’ve had this blog since college. I started this blog as my final project for my women’s and gender studies 101 class — and look at how far I’ve come. This is literally my 999th post.

I love that I’ve built this home for myself on the internet. One of the best ways that I love other people is by welcoming them into my home, feeding them, and making sure they feel like they belong.

So, if you’re new around here, welcome to my home on the Internet — make sure that you check out my feminist scrapbooking community: The Awesome Ladies Project and get on the ALP newsletter for free weekly feminist scrapbooking prompts.

Don’t worry, I’ll definitely still be posting on the gram, I’ll just also be posting here, on this platform that I’ve created with my own two hands, and then telling you about it on IG. What a healthy move for me, right? Thanks world.