43 LESS MORE blog post

The Crafty Ass Female Podcast came back today with Season Three themed: “Work Smarter, Not Harder”. This is our 42nd episode overall. Amanda and I jumped back into the swing of things by challenging each other to come up with a list of things that we want less and more of in our lives and to figure out how we were going to get there.

It is an amazingly fun episode, we dive deep but keep it quirky and light. You can quick listen to the show here or go to the show’s episode page here with all of the show notes and an embeddable player.

rukristin’s list of LESS

1. Excess 

I have two main goals when it comes to eliminating excess in my life.

a) I don’t want to keep things that I won’t use (why is that extra power cord just sitting in the closet?)

b) I want to think about getting rid of the things that aren’t making me happy — what are they doing for me?

2. Unrewarding Work

I want my work to directly impact the things I need, want, or I’m passionate about (helping women tell their stories through feminist scrapbooking). My goal is to figure out what of  my unrewarding work can I delegate to another person who might find that work to be really rewarding themselves.

3. Pain

Living with daily headaches is really hard. Finally understanding how to manage them is really helpful. Thankfully I’ve got good insurance, a helpful doctor, and the ability to spend some time and effort figuring out what are some triggers that might be making my headaches worse.

rukristin’s list of MORE

1. Space

I mean this in two ways:

a) I need more space (less clutter) in my house before winter comes, because I’ll no longer have the ability to just wander outside and enjoy the backyard and garden to just roam through. Winter means that you’re cooped up in the house, so I’d like to make the house seem as large as possible before it gets freezing.

b) I also want more space in my head. I want to declutter all the things going on inside my brain.

2. Time

I know we all want more time. But I want to use my time more efficiently. Lately, I’ve been getting slowed down by not finishing up big projects, or thinking that I’m done with something and then it coming back to bite me in the behind. Then I’ll have to ‘make time’ to finish it and I wind up spending more time than had I finished the project from the start.

3. Connection

This isn’t something that’s missing, rather something that’s just steadily growing over time and now I just want even more. Between the podcast, the Awesome Ladies Project and the introduction of the new membership tier, I’m just really craving connection with other creatives.

In the episode, we challenge our listeners to also create a list of things they want less and more of in their lives, listen to the show and let me know what’s on your list.