December Daily 2018 Foundation Pages

Processed With Darkroom
Processed With Darkroom

Every year, I look forward to this project: December Daily by Ali Edwards, more than almost any other special project I take on throughout the year. There’s something about Ali’s projects that are magical, and this one is no doubt the most magical one of all. And there’s always something about this time of year where I want to bring on the magic.

December Daily

I’ve been making December Daily albums since college. I honestly have no idea where most of them are right now. In boxes in the garage? At my mom’s house? Jesus and Mary are the only ones who can answer that. One of the best parts of the DD process (for me) is putting together the foundation pages. Ali’s foundation pages blog post for 2018 has a ton of great advice for this project as well.

When it came time to figure out what album, supplies, and style I was going to go for — I knew immediately I wanted the new 3×8 gold foil star album and then to basically pull from my stash. I know that I’ve had the best success when I mix in a lot of daily life and reflection stories along with holiday stories, so my album is filled with lots of different colors, patterns, and embellishments — not just Christmas stuff.

Advice from Ali

A few weeks ago, Amanda and I had Ali on the podcast again to talk about this project and I got even more excited to get started. We talked about how this project is about documenting what December is for you. Whether that’s all holiday all the time, reflections on the year past, a look at your daily life, or something in between. She gave us a TON of great advice on how to approach the project as well.

Armed with advice from Ali and my box of stash supplies, a new album, and some stickers and 3×8 journaling cards I also picked up in Ali’s shop I started putting together my foundation pages. At first, I started at the beginning, with page #1 and worked through until I felt like I was in a rut. Then I moved onto what I felt was inspiring me (I think it might have been page 8 or 9). After that, I knew I wanted to keep my tradition of filling out a #CurrentlyList cards on Monday morning, so I added those to days 10, 17, and 24 after I had already added a card to day 3.

I used a mixture of differently partitioned and full page 3×8 page protectors as well as a few pages that are not inside page protectors. I use products from Ali Edwards, Kelly Purkey, Brandi Kincade, and some random stuff that I’ve had forever. Right now it’s not very Christmas-esque, but I think I’ll be adding more of that as the month goes on and the holiday stories come to light.

My Foundation Pages

I’m not going to discuss each of these pages individually, mostly because I have no idea what they’re going to be just yet. But if you have any questions at all on the construction of the pages, how I put together the album or anything at all relating to anything you see below or anything regarding my December Daily process, please leave a comment below, shoot me an email, or find me at the Awesome Ladies Project, my free feminist scrapbooking community.

Processed With Darkroom

Processed With Darkroom

I’ll be sharing more of my pages as I complete them in the Awesome Ladies Project community, on our Discord chat, and in my personal gallery when I’m finished.

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