What is Lens


Lens is the Awesome Ladies Collective (my feminist scrapbooking community’s) monthly theme.

Lens is a quiet way of looking at the world as an Awesome Lady. It’s a way to take photos, play with paper, collect memorabilia, and get inspired to take action without feeling overwhelmed to keep up with the masses on another creative project.

Lens is a way to bring passive storytelling into your life in a meaningful way.

In order for us to succeed as storytellers, it’s important for us to become storytellers. Lens is a simple way to keep storytelling close by and let it easily become part of your everyday routine.

Through simple challenges, community dialog, and personal introspection, we explore our theme by looking through each month’s Lens.

Each month’s Lens theme comes out on the first of the month. With each theme there is a photo, paper, memorabilia, and feminist quote challenge. These are released to VIP Collective members on the first of the month via email through our Lens micro magazine, and to the rest of the Collective community on Friday blog posts.

Look at these challenges as the key to your success. I’ve created actionable challenges that put you on the right path towards telling your stories, and creating meaningful scrapbooks that are just as unique as you.

The photo challenges will inspire you to *take* photographs, not pressure you to make projects with photos you don’t already have.

The paper challenges will inspire you to play with paper you already have, or go on a hunt for new paper supplies, instead of forcing layouts with supplies that just don’t work for your stories.

The memorabilia challenge will inspire you to find the bits and pieces of the world around you that bring your scrapbooks to life.

The feminist quote challenge will remind you that we are all in this together and that our stories are stronger when we come together as a community.

Lens is about learning to look at the world through the lens of a feminist scrapbooker, and I know you’re ready to bring this into your everyday storytelling life.

Sign up for the Awesome Ladies Collective and join us for this month’s Lens right now.