Lists 1-15 — March 30 Days of Lists

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March is always such a strange month. The weather is never cooperative. It feels like it wants to get warmer, and sometimes we definitely get that breakthrough. Last Thursday, we had a single day of 67 degrees and thunderstorms, then back to the low 30s and snow flurries. We see the longer days, ‘Oh! it’s 7pm and the sun is still out, it must be getting warmer. Not so much. The month slowly rattles on, and I’m always grateful to have the 30 Days of Lists project to keep me grounded.

I’ve been taking an extended social media break during the second half of the winter. It’s been really nice just creating these lists for myself, knowing that I don’t have to take the perfect Instagram shot and share it on my feed later that day. I don’t feel pressure to make sure to write my list before the sun goes down. In fact, I wrote out most of my lists on the weekends, because that’s when I had time in my schedule to devote to this project.

I shared how I put this book together a few weeks back. It is a very simple DIY mini scrapbook album that you can make with the supplies you already have at home. I am absolutely loving this book. It is one of my favorite 30 Lists books in a while. I’ve been DYING to use this set of album covers that I made a while back and I’m so pumped that I’ve finally gotten around to using it. It’s one of the coolest album covers I’ve ever made.

The Cover

The covers themselves are from Jamaica Makes, and their a neon yellow acrylic. I got them at least 5 or 6 years ago. The 3 and the 0 are made from thin wood. I painted them with black acrylic paint and adhered them to the cover using a strong liquid glue. It’s such a fun bold look and it makes me super happy.

The Inside Pages

I’ve been keeping it very simple with my inside pages. I’m not looking to make this a complicated creative project. I want this to be a project that I can complete by the end of the month. This is a project where I’m more excited about getting the words down and answering the questions — not being extra creative on each page.

I used a black pen on each of my pages. The list prompt for the day is a written a little bit bigger or bolder. All of my list items have arrows pointing to my journaling. I’m a huge fan of arrows.

If you want to get in on the 30 Days of Lists project, you can head over to and join in on the fun.