Game of Thrones Season Seven Art Journal

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Episode Seven: The Dragon + The Wolf

I love television. Television is my favorite method of taking in stories. Over the past ten years, we’ve been blessed with the greatest epic fantasy series on television: Game of Thrones.

I am a huge fan of the series, it’s one of my top five TV shows of all time. I think it has amazing characters, amazing character development, fantastic female characters, fabulous world-building, and so much more.

Today I’m sharing the art journal that I created during Season 07 of the series. The purpose of this journal was so that I could keep my anxious hands busy while I watched the first run of each episode. I needed a project that could keep my hands moving while I kept my eyes on the screen.

Notebook Construction

This journal was created in a standard size travelers notebook. I adhered two sheets of paper back to back to give myself sturdier pages. I also made sure I had a page for each of the seven episodes.

Before each episode, I watercolored several sheets of book paper with the same few colors of watercolor paint. I made sure to watercolor way more sheets than I needed. The last thing I wanted was to run out of watercolored paper in the middle of the episode.

I decorated the cover with some stickers. White alphabets and white glitter icon stickers. Putting everything in the upper middle third of the page. I journaled a little *season 7* with black pen underneath the block.

Episode Pages

Each episode got its own page and I did a little bit of pre-work for each episode.

  1. I found out what the name of the episode would be and wrote it down. I am the type of person who is a hundred times better at remembering and spelling something if she writes it down.
  2. I gathered all my materials (notebook, small scissors, and put it all on the table at least 15 minutes before the episode started.
  3. I mapped out where each of the letters was going to go, and how much space I got for each letter.
  4. Finally, I cut up squares/rectangles that were just slightly larger than this size, so that I could just grab a square each time without having to look down, or try to cut paper to size in the dark.

While the episode was happening, I would just sit on the couch and cut letters in the episode title. If I finished up with all the letters in the title, I would just keep working on the letter I was least happy with (it was usually an S).

Episode One: Dragonstone
Episode Two: Stormborn
Episode Three: The Queen’s Justice
Episode Four: The Spoils of War
Episode Five: Eastwatch
Episode Six: Beyond the Wall
Episode Seven: The Dragon + The Wolf

It was really awesome to make progress on a skill and technique that I had never worked on prior to this notebook. When I’m working in my scrapbooks, I’m never looking for a title that takes me an hour to cut out by hand. That’s absolutely not my style. But this felt simultaneously indulgent and simple.

It was great to be able to keep my hands busy while I was watching the show and wind up with this cool fan-art. I also love that I was able to create something meaningful to document Game of Thrones time without spending any extra time during the week talking about what I think or feel (even though I thought and felt SO much). I could just leave it at these awesome episode pages and be content.