Reflections on March 30 Days of Lists 2019

Processed With Darkroom

March is still such a strange and weird month. Now that we’re on the flip side of it, I remember that March is that weird month where it’s still winter for most of the time. Once we finally get to that first day of spring about three weeks in, it’s still pretty cold here in Michigan.

That’s where projects like 30 Days of Lists come in. It’s great to have some extra special creative projects for the times where your well might not be filled up. My well is never filled up in March.

I did this project in big chunks. I created my album, then I decided on patterned paper and stickers, and so on. Also, because I was taking my big instagram break, I wasn’t incentivized to share every day on social media.

It was totally okay for me to create my lists whenever I wanted to create my lists. The biggest, most important, takeaway from this project, is that I have a cool, finished, book of lists that I enjoyed putting together.

My process does not have to follow anyone else’s process for it to work correctly.

I shared how I put this book together a few weeks back, and it’s a great way to put together a DIY album out of scrap paper.

The Cover

I’m showing you the cover again because I’m obsessed with it, and after holding it in my stash for ‘the perfect project’ (which doesn’t exist). I used it for this project. The covers themselves are from Jamaica Makes, and it is a neon yellow acrylic.

The Inside Pages

I shared my first first fifteen pages last month when I first talked about how I was tackling the project.

Throughout these pages, I continued to use a black pen on each of my pages with the prompt written a little larger or bolder. My list items have arrows pointing to each of the bullet points in my journaling.

Some of these pages didn’t photograph well, and I’m completely okay with that. I didn’t create this book for it to be an instagram, blog, or YouTube sensation. This project was for me to create and feel good about during a month that can traditionally be hard for me to get through.

So the next time you’re thinking about the parameters for a project, remember to keep in mind what’s going to make you happy while you’re working on it. It’s a key point to finishing projects successfully.