About Me

About Me

rukristin: Feminist Scrapbooker

Hi! I’m Kristin and I’m a scrapbooker, a teacher, a writer, a community organizer, and podcaster. I’ve been scrapbooking for over fifteen years, and I believe that scrapbooking your authentic story is a radical feminist act.

I take pictures, papercrafting supplies, and the founds bits of life and turn them into beautiful and unique albums that represent the stories, of my life as well as the memories, feelings, and emotions of who I am right now.

I believe most of all in being true to myself in my scrapbooks. It’s one of the biggest reasons that my scrapbooking looks ‘different’ from a lot of the other scrapbooking that you’ll see out there. I’ve never cared much for sticking to tradition or following the rules just because. I like finding my own path, problem solving, figuring things out, and learning from the experience.

I currently live in East Lansing, Michigan with my partner Jeff where we raise heirloom tomatoes, peppers, and a bunch of other yummy things in our every expanding garden. I’m originally from North Jersey (right outside NYC), home to most of my family, the only decent pizza, and my NY football Giants.

I’ve been blogging for more than twelve years. This site started as the final project for my freshman Women’s + Gender Studies 101 class (I got an A — and continued on to get a 4.0 as a WGS major and I am now a recovering perfectionist). It started as a place for me to come and write about how I was feeling about feminist related news, and then as I was creating more scrapbooking projects and looking for a place to share online, it became a place to share those as well. Now it’s a hub of resources, a place for me to share and document my life, and more.


  1. Looking forward to reading your blog more and doing more with paper, I got stuck on quilting there for a while. Balance.

  2. LOL….saw your – or someone’s invlite to your scrapping project thingy & came by when i SHOULD be commenting on challenge entries. Bad influence, girl!!! ANyways,…been digging around here….finding out a li’l bit more about that fellow DTer on SCRAP365….being a writer from ‘long ways back’….you dragged me in…..then BINGO…oh, girl, you got da words….Just copied them down. I no longer ‘do stuff for Scrap365 mag’. I am now, officially, also a ‘features writers & designer’. THANKYOU!!!! Dammit…if only I’d thought to put that title in on the DT spot I’m going for when I flicked off the email yesterday!!! HAHAHA..oh well……enjoy your scrapping…I’ll still be in bed probably. Doing that commenting??? LOL!!!! Have a lovely weekend!!

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