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What is Scrapbooking?
What is the Currently List Journaling Challenge and how do I get started?
What is Thursday3? How do I participate?
What is the Awesome Ladies Project? Can I play along?


What are your recommended basic scrapbooking tools?
  • See this post for what you need to get started.
How do you print your pictures?
  • I get my pictures printed a couple different ways. 1.) I print at home using my selphy printer. 2.) I found a local Michigan photo printer, and I’ll order pictures online and pick them up in the shop in the next town over. 3) I’m always looking for new cool ways to print my photos.
What kind of printer do you have at home?
  • I use the Canon Selphy c900. The ink and the photo paper come in a single pack — and ink+paper for 100 prints is just about $30, so prints come out to be about 30 cents each — which is totally worth it for me. I love that I can print two 3 by 4 photos super easily. I wavered on it for such a long time, but I finally caved and it was such a great decision.
What kind of camera do you have?
  • 99% of my photos are taken with my iPhone. I currently have an iPhone 6+, which I upgraded for the umpteenth time last year. It is convenient, it takes amazing pictures, and it makes editing them and using them (whether it be as prints or online) as simple as possible.
  • An old-school Sony a300 dSLR that I got in college. It mostly comes out for day trips, vacations, and personal photo shoots.
  • An Instax-mini for fun with friends.

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