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Awesome Ladies Launch Sleepover

Join me in celebrating the launch of my newest product line Awesome Ladies | Feminist Scrapbook Collection.  I have been working on this collection for more than nine months, and I am so excited to finally share it with you! To celebrate this occasion, I’m hosting a #scrapbooksleepover launch event on Friday, June 24th.

This event is taking place online on both our Facebook Event Page and our favorite social media networks using the hashtags #scrapbooksleepover and #awesomeladiesbyrukristin. The launch party is open to everyone and you don’t need anything special to play along — just bring yourself and a few of your favorite scrapbook supplies!

rukristin awesome ladies feminist scrapbook collection

Even if you can’t make it to the party tomorrow, we’ll be celebrating throughout July with our #scrapbooksleepover challenges and a chance to win the entire new collection!

The rules for the challenges will be up at 6pm when the challenges go live, and will run through July 31st. So even if you’re not able to scrapbook tomorrow night, or this weekend, we’ll be celebrating throughout the summer.

rukristin scrapbook sleepover

In her first paper collection, rukristin: Feminist Scrapbooker collaborates with NYC based artist Kara Haupt to create a bold statement, using blacks, whites, and pops of yellow to convey the importance of women documenting their stories.

This brand-new scrapbook collection includes:

  • eight 6×8″ patterned papers,
  • three sets of six journaling cards (18 brand new cards in total),
  • two sticker sets, and
  • three clear stamp sets.

Perfect for the woman who wants to document any aspect of her awesome lady life, from the everyday routine to the epic adventures down to everything in in between. 

Awesome Ladies | Feminist Scrapbook Collection is available for retail purchase at 5pm Eastern on Friday June, 24th.


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Scrapbook Sleepover Challenges

Rules for participating in the Awesome Ladies Scrapbook Sleepover Challenges:

Instagram Grand Prize Giveaway — Enter to win the full Awesome Ladies Feminist Scrapbook Collection.

  • Create a scrapbook layout (or art journaling page/mini-album/pocket page spread/etc) inspired by one of the above challenges.
  • Post a photograph of your finished challenge project to Instagram. In the comments section, tag me @rukristin, use the hashtag #scrapbooksleepoverchallenge, and let us know which challenge your project was inspired by!
  • A winner will be chosen by random number generator on July 31st at 11:59pm Eastern, and will be announced on, @rukristin instagram, and via email on August 1st.
  • You may create and enter as many projects as you like, but only one project per instagram photograph please.
  • Projects MUST tag @rukristin, and use the hashtag #scrapbooksleepoverchallenge to count as an entry into the prize giveaway, no exceptions. Please feel free to use our other event hashtags #awesomeladiesbyrukristin and #scrapbooksleepover (or any of your other favorite hashtags) to share your projects with the community.

Other Social Media Giveaways

Use #scrapbooksleepover and #awesomeladiesbyrukristin throughout the weekend on Facebook, Twitter, and any of your other favorite social media networks, and our team will be checking out the best inspiration and the most vocal supporters and sending them some of our favorite supplies from the new collection!

Head over to for the main event page! 

Scrapbook Sleepover Scavenger Hunt

The object of this game is to get to know rukristin: Feminist Scrapbooker a little bit better, and learn a couple of great ways to document your life!

How to play:
  • All answers will be found on Instagram, the rukristin blog or the rukristin shop. You might need to do a little bit of digging for some of the harder questions, but everything is public knowledge.
  • To enter, send me an email with your name and the answers to questions 1-7. I’ll be checking all the answers personally, so don’t worry about spelling errors, or getting things exactly right — I’ll be pretty generous when grading.
  • There will be two winners — the first person to correctly email me all the answers, and a random winner from all the correct emails throughout the weekend. I will announce the winners on Monday morning and get them out a prize pack of new Awesome Ladies Feminist Scrapbook supplies!
  1. What artist did rukristin: Feminist Scrapbooker collaborate with to create the new product line: The Awesome Ladies Feminist Scrapbook Collection?
  2. What is the name of the weekly selfie challenge that rukristin hosts on instagram?
  3. One of Kristin’s all time favorite quotes by one of her all time favorite First Ladies made it into the new collection. Who is the First Lady in question?
  4. One of rukristin’s favorite things about Feminist Scrapbooking is the awesome community of women around her, one lady stands out in particular though — do you know who rukristin’s ‘soul-lady’ is? (hint: they teach a workshop called MyDetails together).
  5. Kristin loves taking photos of her workspace. She’s been keeping a dedicated hashtag of her work area for more than two years now. Do you know what hashtag she uses to share her creative workspace?
  6. Kristin has lived in two different US states. She was born and grew up in ________, and then she moved to _______ just two years ago.
  7. One of the most oft-asked question Kristin gets is “how did you come up with your blog name?”. rukristin started while she was working on a school-related project for her Intro to Women & Gender Studies class. She founded the blog as her final project, and it’s been in existence ever since. Can you tell me what University she attended? (hint: the letters ru might help you out!)

Send me an email at with your name and the answers to these questions!

rukristin scrapbook sleepover