Project — One Little Word in 2019

53 OLW

I’ve been thinking about my word for 2019 for a few months now. We had Ali Edwards on the podcast in October to talk about December Daily and One Little Word, and as soon as we hung up the call, I’ve been trying to figure out what my word would be.

If you’d like to know more about this project, definitely listen to the show, Ali gives a great rundown of the intention behind the project, what she hopes to get out of it year in and year out, and both Amanda and I talk about why we love this project as well.

For 2019, my One Little Word is Project.

This was a hard word for me. I’ve known what I wanted *from* my word for a long time now — I needed my word to be able to push me to speak more openly and more often. But the problem I kept running into, was that none of the words I was coming up with fit the bill.

I labored over this word. I took it to therapy with me, I brought it up in group texts and I even sat it down for discussion at the dinner table. I go into the full story in, what I honestly feel is the best episode of the Crafty Ass Female podcast: Diving Deeper into One Little Word.

Listen to the Crafty Ass Female Podcast

Crafty Ass Female EP. 46 // ‘ TIS THE SEASON OF ALI EDWARDS

So, long story short, I woke up the morning of the podcast, and the word Project came to me, and it’s a great fit. As Megan Soul Lady Nerdnest told me via text, you’re venturing into uncomfortable territory, your word is going to feel uncomfortable. That has really stuck with me. I’m letting myself feel the uncomfortableness and vulnerability with Project

My plan for 2019

I’m a sucker for a good plan. I like setting myself up for success with my projects. And being as how this word has a dual meaning, I know I need to set myself up to project, or I really will let it just sit in the backseat.

This year I bought myself the One Little Word Journal. This is a new product from Ali this year. She teamed up with Liz from Paislee Press to design a notebook (that’s seperate from the One Little Word class). She was telling us about it on the podcast, and as soon as she started describing it, I was sold.

I’m such a notebook person. I love having something to fill out that’s already pre-filled for me. As much as I love making scrapbooks and mini-albums and being creative. I love the introspection of this project and this notebook is just really awesome for that.

I’ll also be joining in on the classroom once again. I absolutely love listening in to Ali each month. She’s such an inspiring person, and I know that setting aside the time at the beginning of each month to do the coursework will really keep me on top of a challenging word.

Here comes 2019 and project!